About Us

Welcome to Frenchie Closet

FrenchieCloset.com was founded in 2019 by an experienced, Frenchie loving team. We hope you (and your Frenchie) will enjoy your shopping experience and can be assured that it is backed up with the best of customer service excellence.

The People:

FrenchieCloset.com was founded by Frenchie lovers who are equally avid followers of fashion. We loved the idea of looking after our Frenchies and keeping them warm and safe but in style, but when we looked around we could see that there were a lot of clothes available for Frenchies but nothing that could be described as couture or high fashion. We wanted to dress our pets in high fashion and have them looking like a million dollars, so based on that concept that we launched FrenchieCloset.com

The Philosophy:

FrenchieCloset.com is here to provide the fashion conscious with stylish unrivalled couture for their Frenchies. The range provides all the clothing and accessories that your Frenchie would ever need from stylish coats and pretty dresses to stunning lead & collar sets.

The Brand:

FrenchieCloset.com only selects the highest quality, you can rest assured that all our products are made to the highest standard and finished impeccably.

FrenchieCloset.com strives to bring you the widest selection of original pieces with outfits and accessories fit for any and all occasions.


Need Help? Contact our Customer Service Department at info@frenchiecloset.com