PLEASE NOTE: The average French bulldog wears sizes M-XL due to their 'big dog' structures (ie: chest girth). Please check the size charts!

French Bulldog Toys

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French Bulldog Toys

Dog toys are an important part of any dog's life. Frenchies love and need these toys even more due to their playful nature. French bulldog toys will help with the development of your dogs' mental capabilities. Frenchies are playful by nature and these toys will create more fun for them while boosting their intelligence.

Frenchies love their families and like to be involved in the day to day family activities. They enjoy cuddling and snuggling all day, and what could be a better option to keep them busy when no one is at home? This is where toys for Frenchies come in. French bulldog toys from present a great solution for you. These top-notch dog toys will keep your dog busy when you’re not at home or even when you need to finish your chores.

You can choose between our range of interactive dog toys that include chew toys, sleeping toys, chicken toys, and plush dog toys among others depending on your dog's needs.

Toys for french bulldogs need to have more character than your usual dog toys considering the fact that Frenchies are stubborn and opinionated in nature. The last thing you need is your Frenchie pulling apart their new toy and eating its stuffing.

What are the characteristics of an excellent Frenchie toy?

  • No stuffing in the dog toy. You don't want anything with stuffing that your Frenchie could choke on. The first priority is to keep everyone safe.
  • Durable. The toy needs to be strong enough for the teeth (but not too tough).
  • Right size for their mouth. Not too big not too small.
  • Fun to play with.

We know that every toy's durability should be a primary concern. We have therefore listed some of the most common materials that our toys are made of.

Rubber is the most common material used in dog toys. It's a strong, compact, and resistant material. It can withstand the piercing claws and sharp teeth of a Frenchie. Rubber toys are wonderful for Frenchie pups because of their natural squishiness, which relieves the pressure of biting and clawing.

Rope is an excellent alternative for fetch and tugs toys. It is stronger and lasts longer especially because it is manufactured with sustainable and natural materials. Rope toys provide beneficial engagement with your dog. This will result in a longer bonding time for you and your pup. 

Nylon comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rope, textiles, and solids. It is a great option since it can be maybe molded into toys or weaved into rope and fabrics. The most common nylon dog toys are fake bones and sticks. They are a great option as they are less harmful than actual bones and sticks due to the lack of splinters.

Polyester and Plush: Plush toys are great toys for french bulldogs but they can be ruined in a matter of seconds. Frenchie puppies have razor-sharp teeth that can easily tear into these types of toys. Soft textiles such as cotton, corduroy, denim, and even silk are used to make plush toys. Extra tags, button eyes, and squeaking pieces are also included.


French Bulldog Hoodies

No doubt, it is not easy to find unique and comfy hoodies for the pets. Only the owner of French Bulldog understands the overwhelming feeling of finding a cute and adorable looking outfit for French bulldogs. This breed of dogs always thrills us with their iconic and appealing appearances. Here, we are offering a Wonderful range of dog hoodies for a French bulldog.

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