PLEASE NOTE: The average French bulldog wears sizes M-XL due to their 'big dog' structures (ie: chest girth). Please check the size charts!

Camo Line

Welcome to Frenchie Closet's "Camo Line" Collection

Frenchie Closet is proud to introduce our newest collection - The Camo Line. This collection, inspired by military attire and outdoor adventure, showcases a wide range of camouflage clothing and accessories designed specifically for French Bulldogs. Whether you're a military enthusiast, a fan of camouflage patterns, or just love the rugged, outdoorsy look on your Frenchie, this line is for you.

Camo Line - Embrace the Adventure

Our Camo Line is designed to turn your French Bulldog into the ultimate adventure companion. The collection's color palette includes army green, desert sand, tactical black, army camo, desert camo, and snow camo. We're offering an array of products, from jackets and windbreakers to harnesses, collars, leashes, and K9 training gear.

Camouflage for Every Occasion

Our Camo Line includes the following products, each designed to provide both style and comfort:

  • 2" Wide Spiked Dog Collar Studded Leather Dog Collar: This stylish collar adds an edgy touch to the classic camouflage pattern.

  • Cool Spikes Studded Leather Dog Collar: The combination of spikes and camo ensures your Frenchie will stand out.

  • French Bulldog Camouflage Shirt/Windbreaker: Perfect for protecting your Frenchie from the elements while keeping them stylish.

  • Tactical Dog Collar Military: Inspired by military design, this collar is both functional and rugged.

  • Tactical Dog K9 Harness: Train your Frenchie like a professional with this tactical K9 harness.

  • Tactical French Bulldog Harness - K9 Military Training Vest: Step up your training game with this tactical K9 military training vest.

  • Camo Carrier Backpack to Hold Frenchie: Carry your Frenchie around in style and comfort with this camo carrier backpack.

  • Camouflage Bowtie Adjustable Collar / Leash: Add a touch of sophistication to the rugged camouflage pattern with this bowtie collar and leash.

  • French Bulldog Camo Fur Collar Parka: Keep your Frenchie warm and stylish with this camo parka with a faux fur collar.

Whether you're looking to dress your Frenchie in camo for a photo shoot, an outdoor adventure, or simply a stroll around the block, our Camo Line has something for every occasion. Embrace the adventure with Frenchie Closet's Camo Line. Start shopping today!

French Bulldog Hoodies

No doubt, it is not easy to find unique and comfy hoodies for the pets. Only the owner of French Bulldog understands the overwhelming feeling of finding a cute and adorable looking outfit for French bulldogs. This breed of dogs always thrills us with their iconic and appealing appearances. Here, we are offering a Wonderful range of dog hoodies for a French bulldog.

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