PLEASE NOTE: The average French bulldog wears sizes M-XL due to their 'big dog' structures (ie: chest girth). Please check the size charts!

Frenchie Accessories

French Bulldog Accessories

No one can resist those cute smashed faces and the friendly attitude of the French bulldog. You are likely thinking of some must-have French bulldog accessories for your French bulldog this season as a Frenchie owner.

Whether you're looking for the right collar or Harness for your Frenchie or a carrier so he may accompany you on your most daring expedition, the Frenchie Closet has it all!

We have essential Frenchie accessories that every Frenchie owner should have on hand for their four-legged companion. These items will assist in keeping them secure, protected, fed, healthy, and hydrated. Some of our French bulldog accessories include:

  • French Bulldog Keychain

If you are also looking for the perfect French bulldog gift we got you covered. Our French Bulldog Keychain would make a great French bulldog gift for any french bulldogs owner. The keychain is made out of a faux leather ribbon, a plastic doll, a metal hook, and a key chain ring, and it comes in a number of colors to complement your personal taste.

  • Stuffed Frenchie dog toys

We also have lovely stuffed Frenchie dog toys that are soft and cuddly, very realistic, and collectible. These plush doll stuffed french bulldog toys can double a play toy and a pillow for your little gremlin! It comes in various sizes and colors. French bulldogs love to roll, fight, and jump over this soft plush stuffed Frenchie buddies.

  • French Bulldog Walkies

Every dog loves a good walk. French Bulldogs do not require the longest walks of any dog breed but they do require some brief walks in order to be healthy. We have great leash & harness sets for you to choose from. When it comes to lead training, harnesses provide a lot of comfort and control.

  • French Bulldog Carrier Bags

Take your Frenchie with you wherever you go with our French bulldog carriers. They are ideal for both traveling and preventing Frenchies from becoming tired. Even if you wish to go hiking, your animal companion may accompany you on your most exciting trips.

  • Safety Pet Car Seat Bag

We pride ourselves in our Safety Pet Car Seat Bag for comfort! This seat can be used in the front or back seat to raise your pet. For a better fit inside the vehicle, the back of the car seat is contoured. The design also allows your pet to gaze out the window and take in the scenery. Your french bulldogs will be safe and secure with an adjustable security tether. The zippered cover is machine washable and easy to remove.

  • Mugs of French Bulldogs

There's no better way to start the day than with a beautiful hot French Bulldog cup loaded with coffee. If you're a fan of French bulldogs, you'll be able to hunt out a unique mug and we have just what you need. We urge you to discover everything there is to know about the most fantastic Frenchie mugs collection as soon as possible. Scroll through the different colors and artwork available here.

We have these and many more French Bulldogs accessories available at Whether you are buying something for yourself or want a French bulldog gift for someone special we have you covered. Shop with us today!

French Bulldog Hoodies

No doubt, it is not easy to find unique and comfy hoodies for the pets. Only the owner of French Bulldog understands the overwhelming feeling of finding a cute and adorable looking outfit for French bulldogs. This breed of dogs always thrills us with their iconic and appealing appearances. Here, we are offering a Wonderful range of dog hoodies for a French bulldog.

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